API - Payments - Create

To create a payment, see example below. 


All the below are parameters are optional unless in bold. This is not a complete list.

POST /api6/handle_payment/?apiKey=XXXXXX {
leadid: XXXXXX <--- First create or query a lead record to get this ID
paystat: Completed <--- Other options 'Denied'
payamt: 115.34  <--- The amount paid
type: credit <--- defined by the user, use paymenttypes_list to retrieve what they are using currently
processor: square  <--- Informational, names we use: Authorize, Beanstream, check, Moneris, novera, openedge, openedge_mobile, PayJunction, PayPal IPN, square

manual: 4/29/2020 2:00pm <--- Time of the transaction, format can vary depending on date format settings on account
time: 1588276908  <--- Time of the transaction, you can supply the time in Unix time stamp format, only 'time' or 'manual' is needed

orderid: 23XVB67  <--- A reference number to the transaction, like a check number
reasoncode: Failed due to incorrect name  <--- Additional transaction data usually explaining success or failure of transaction from processor

surcharge: 3.58  <--- Dollar amount of surcharge, will be added as a fee on lead and taxed
tip:  25.00  <--- Dollar amount of tip, will be added as a line item on the lead, not taxed


- Saving a payment can result in alterations to a lead, especially in the case of a surcharge or tip.  


201 (Created), recordid containing new ID.

409 (Conflict) if resource already exists, recordid containing duplicate ID.

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