IO Phone Text Messaging and more, Save as Draft for Leads, and More!

Tim B. shared this announcement 2 years ago

New Features:

  • Emails: Event, vendor, and shift reminder emails set to send even if they are triggered after the set time so you don’t have to manually send them if scheduling late.
  • Leads: Rental selection now starts with categories to make it easier to find items without searching.
  • Leads: You can now save a lead as a draft, allowing you to save even if required fields are not complete.
  • Emails/Texts: Link shortener and click tracking now active. We will shorten all links in emails and text messages and track usages of them for marketing and sales statistics.
  • IO Phone: You can now send a single text to multiple people as opposed to sending a group text which is already supported.
  • IO Phone: If an extension is chosen, no future time delay ring schedules will be activated while they are following the extension.
  • IO Phone: New/Edit Customer button added to phone bar and dialer so you can quickly make call notes.
  • IO Phone: Alerts for missed calls, voicemails, and texts were updated. Text alerts show a threaded view for context.
  • IO Phone: MMS, texts with images/videos/files, now show that data in the text thread for context. By attaching a file to an email reply, we will send that as an MMS message to the recipient.
  • IO Phone: Replying to a text message alert email will now default to send as a text message. Make sure you do not include a signature if you do not want it sent.
  • IO Phone: Specify alert emails for each ring schedule if you want to send alerts to specific email addresses.
  • IO Phone: Text templates shown in drop down list if you don’t remember the name for searching.
  • Automations: We now support texting to a worker cell phone.
  • Inventory: You can now make multiple inventory items inactive via the drop down button on the list view.
  • Organizations: Add and Delete lead buttons now available. We show the total dollars for selected leads as well.
  • WordPress: Default product page layout adjusted to move description next to image.
  • WordPress: You can now include upsell items in the cart. Enable on the IO WP Plugin under Setup. Thanks for the idea Chad B.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: Variable *rentalcontract_unique* now working for accessories.
  • Insurance: Fixed page so it loads properly.
  • Customers: Improved speed of loading customer list.
  • Inventory: Uncategorized preset query now accurate.
  • API: Rate limiting to prevent abuse now.
  • Attachments: Fixed issue where for some leads you could not upload attachments.
  • IO Phone: Phone number search working again.
  • Worker Shift Text: No longer attempting to send without an IO Phone number, since deliverability was poor.
  • Email: We are preventing values too small to use for auto email parameters now.

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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