AI Generated Emails/Texts, CRM Lite Released to All, and more

Tim B. shared this announcement 5 months ago

New Features:

  • CRM: CRM Lite has been released to all users. Enjoy 1 year of IMAP email storage and a 6 month view of your communication with each customer for no cost. You can set up IMAP information in Email Preferences and on worker profiles even if you don’t purchase the CRM module.
  • CRM: AI integration has been added to auto-generate email and text replies
  • CRM: We’ve made improvements to our click tracking to prevent bot clicks so you may see a reduction in your click stats.
  • CRM: Tasks and Journal entries with due dates on them will not show until that date is hit.
  • CRM: You can now color code each worker’s tasks by setting a color on their worker profile. This makes viewing your team’s tasks easier.
  • CRM: We now support showing attachments for emails via IMAP connections.
  • CRM: Replying to IMAP emails that had CC email addresses will now properly include these in the CC field.
  • CRM: Now a badge with the number of grouped tasks is shown on the organization list to indicate when there are more than one reason the organization is showing on the ToDo list.
  • CRM: Opening a CRM entry from the ToDo filter will now default to only show open entries.
  • CRM: We now support sorting of most columns when viewing organization lists.
  • Filters/Reports: We made saving more clear by only offering applicable save options.
  • Filters: Lead Rental Item Count field added that will count the rental items on a lead and not any accessories.
  • Reports: Payment reports now support the lead ID column.
  • Reports: Added Rentals Primary Category to show the primary category.
  • Reviews: We’ve made cosmetic changes to reviews and added side-scrolling functionality.
  • Tags: Tags on leads are now sorted oldest to newest. Tags created due to the lead you are viewing will be highlighted in yellow. You can hover over a tag to see when it was created.
  • Organizations: You can now go to the Organizations page by default when logging in so that you can more efficiently keep up with your sales tasks.
  • IO Phone: When possible we will fill in text message template variables when loading the text from the text log instead of a lead.
  • Billing: We are moving our billing to Global Payments, so you may be asked to enter your credit card again.

Bugs fixed:

  • Leads: Adding an upsell item will now trigger a new quote alert to be sent if a new lead is created.
  • Templates: Unit pricing was incorrect in some cases.
  • Sales Tax: Improved logic to prevent incorrect tax rates due to later address changes.
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue where some maintenance records were not properly showing item conflicts.
  • Worker App: Image collages improved to be more representative of the lead.
  • Worker App: Requests off now work properly in the delivery planner.
  • Leads: Referral setting fixed.
  • Filters: Fixed bug with worker being removed when editing shared filter
  • Organizations: Detect and offer only applicable save options as well as speed improvements.
  • WordPress: Fixed a few issues with packages on website
  • Wordpress: Changed auto login methods to prevent chrome from blocking login from IO
  • WordPress: Fixed issue with wrong images occasionally being used
  • WordPress: Fixed bug on mobile cart overlapping address pop-up
  • WordPress: Fixed bug with duplicate blog posts for SEO plan
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