Updating a Contract

You cannot change a contract after it has been created (due to legal purposes). If you’ve made changes to the lead and need the contract to be updated, you will have to create a new contract, and set it to be the active contract for the lead. You can save the old contract as a history or delete it. If your customer has already signed the old contract, you should delete the “Contract Received” date so that you can keep track if the new contract is signed and received by your company.

Updating a Contract after it's been signed

1. Go to the Lead and click the Contract tab.

2. At the bottom-left, notice the name of the contract in the drop-down doesn't say "auto generate".

3. Edit the Contract tab of the lead, and mark the top auto-generate line to active.

4. Save, and then you can email the new contract template back to the customer to sign.

Now we still the original signed version of the contract and we"ve made it possible for them to re-sign the updated contract.

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