Subscription - Transferring Account to New Owner

This support article provides a step-by-step guide for transferring the role of Authorized Officer – the primary contact and decision-maker for an account – to a new individual. This could be necessary if you have sold your company or are passing the duties to someone else. To ensure a secure and verified transfer, please follow the instructions below carefully.

Step-by-Step Transfer Process:

Step 1: Complete the Authorized Officer Change Form

  • Access the change form at: Authorized Officer Change Form.  If you are unable to access the form in the account that is being transferred, follow one of the two steps below:
    1) If you are the current Authorized Officer, reset your password to login or email support for help.
    2) If you are NOT the current Authorized Officer, contact the current Authorized Officer and ask them to get.
  • Once on the page, you'll notice some fields are pre-populated based on the account information. Do not alter these fields as they are setup to correctly identify the account you are transferring.
  • Fill out the new details in the specified fields:
    • Company Undersigned Type: Choose the company entity type.
    • New Authorized Officer Name: Enter the full name of the incoming Authorized Officer.
    • New Authorized Officer Email: Provide a current email address that only the new Authorized Officer can access.
    • New Authorized Officer Address: List the physical address for the new Authorized Officer.
    • New Authorized Officer Phone: Include a direct phone number for contacting the new Authorized Officer.

Please remember that company-wide contact information should not be entered here. To update general contact details, visit the 'Account Preferences' section.

Step 2: Print the Completed Form

  • After entering all necessary details, print the form to proceed with the verification.

Step 3: Sign the Form

  • All company owners should sign in the designated signature fields. It is important that the current Authorized Officer by one of the signers or at minimum the person sending in the document from the current Authorized Officer email.  Otherwise there will be additional verification steps that we will have to perform.  

Step 4: Send the Information for Verification

  • Scan or take a picture of the form and then email it to support via the Authorized Officer email address or there will be additional verification steps that we will have.

Verification Requirements:

To validate the transfer of the Authorized Officer role, one of the following actions must be completed:

  1. Authorized Officer:
    • The request should come from the original Authorized Officer’s email address. It should confirm the transfer of their role, including the username associated with the account and the full name of the new Authorized Officer.
  2. Other Persons or From Other Emails:
    • Should someone other than the Authorized Officer of the account request the transfer, we will perform additional verification steps. We may contact the current Authorized Officer and request confirmation from them via the Authorized Officer email.  We may also request photo ID and other company documents to verify the legitimacy of the request.  

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to maintain the security and integrity of our user data. Our priority is to ensure a protected and seamless transition while safeguarding your account details. Should you require any assistance during this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Considerations and Follow-Up Steps for New Owner:

After successfully transferring the role of Authorized Officer, there are several important follow-up actions to ensure a smooth transition for the new owner. These steps are crucial in maintaining the operational integrity of your account:

  1. Review Account Preferences: Visit your account preferences page to review and, if necessary, update contact information and other crucial company details. This ensures that all communications and operations are aligned with the new ownership.  Consider changing the account password to ensure no unauthorized access is capable.  Not that changing the password will log you out, so you will have to login again with the new password.
  2. Update Payment Method: Remove the old payment method linked to the account and update it with the new owner's preferred payment details. This is essential to prevent any service interruptions due to non-payment.
  3. Set Up Card Processing: Arrange card processing options to enable the acceptance of online payments. This step is vital for maintaining a seamless transaction process for your customers.
  4. Review Worker Accounts: If the account has the Workers Module enabled, you should review all worker accounts to make sure that no unauthorized workers have access.  You can mark workers unapproved or change the passwords to do this.  
  5. Update Email Preferences: Update email addresses on the email preferences page. This step is important to ensure that customer communications are not missed and are sent from the correct email address under the new management.
  6. Domain Name Transfer: Ensure the proper transfer of the website's domain name to the new owner. While we do not assist directly with this step, owning your domain name is critical for your online presence and brand identity.
  7. Arrange Software Training: Schedule training sessions with our team to get acquainted with the software's functionalities. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to operate the software effectively.

Taking these steps will help guarantee a seamless transition and continuous, efficient operation of your account under new ownership. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these steps, please feel free to reach out to us.

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