Reviews, Tips, Auto-Saving Leads, and Conditional Pricing

Tim B. shared this announcement 20 months ago

New Features:

  • Reviews: We’ve added a new way to gather quality reviews that isn’t dependent on having the customer in your database.
  • Tips: We have made it easier to add tips to your checkout. Simply go to Payment Preferences Tips section and configure your tip options. You can also tip directly to employees or company venmo, cash app, and PayPal accounts. QR codes can be used to advertise tip options at events, on company shirts, trucks, or literature. Emails can be setup to send requesting or reminding your customers to tip. Check our our docs on tipping.
  • Leads Auto-Save: You can now turn on auto-save for the events/leads page. Save status is indicated on the save button. There is also an undo button to undo any auto-save. Navigating away or using the manual save will clear any past auto-save steps showing in the undo button.
  • Conditional Pricing: Conditional pricing received a major upgrade. You now must use filters to set pricing conditions. When a match is found, it can override the base price or add to it. You must have auto-save turned on for leads if using conditional pricing.  You can find documentation here.  
  • QR Code Generator: We’ve added a new QR code generator just for fun. Search for “QR” in the settings to find the link to it. Watch our tips videos to see how it works.
  • Lists: Integers now recognized and formatted without decimal point and trailing zeros.
  • IO Phone: Logs now show elapsed time to help troubleshoot call/voicemail rules.
  • Payments: Payments page now has Lead ID, Reference Number showing.
  • Wordpress: For multi-category items you can set the Primary category now in IO
  • WordPress: Broken links now show the source so they can easily be found and fixed.
  • Wordpress: Can now easily change City Landing page text in plugin (‘Professional delivery to…’) text. Remember to set the city and keyword list under IO > Settings > Wordpress to populate this.
  • Wordpress: Date picker drop-down helper for cart available now
  • Customer Autofill: List of customers now shows additional information to ensure you are selecting as intended.
  • Venues: Venue attachments now show on the leads page in the venue section.
  • Filters: Filters now shown at the top of the search results returned on leads page.
  • Filters: Added new time related filters like weekday, weekend, and day of week as well as the ability to group by dates in reports.
  • Reports: You can now use Inventory Type in your reports to show Gift Card, Consumable, Vendor Item, Accessory, or Rental.

Bugs fixed:

  • Speed: Leads page speed improvements.
  • Reports: Prevent adding filter twice when selecting report with filter assigned.
  • Promotions: Number of times a promotion/fee is used is now correct in the list view.
  • Import: Fixed image import for inventory.
  • Billing: Fixed inventory limit warning.
  • Wordpress: Improved the upsell reliability and display on product pages
  • Wordpress: Improved support for package requirements
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