Filter/Report Sharing, Concise View, Organizations, and more

Tim B. shared this announcement 12 months ago

New Features:

  • Filter/Report Sharing: If you would like to let others benefit from your great filters and reports, you can now share them with the entire IO/EO universe. If the filter or report contains optional fields, it will not be shareable. This works similar to inventory sharing.
  • Concise View: We now offer a concise view of the leads page that removes spacing and shrinks inputs giving those with large monitors a more complete view of a lead without scrolling.
  • Organizations: You can now populate your organizations by using the Organization Importer (found by searching the settings). It will make an organization for each you have listed on your customers and associate all customers with the same organization if they have the same organization on their record.
  • Emails: More work on explaining and showing newsletter send rate.
  • Emails: Now when you add restrictions we will give you a clickable link with totals to see who it plans to send to.
  • Variables: *rental_linked_items* can be used in a rental loop to show all accessories of that rental.
  • Variables: *deliverywindowtime_end* and *deliverywindowdate_end* are now available to print the delivery window end details.
  • Email Location Addresses: Physical addresses shown at the bottom of emails due to spam laws will now use the mailing address defined in your account and only the company address if no mailing address exists.
  • Additional Contacts: Added contact type to tab so it’s clear what type of additional contact was added.

Bugs fixed:

  • Web Hooks: Data is now properly formatted, for example dates and times.
  • Worker App: Fixed issue with saving multiple pictures..
  • Alerts: Payment taken alert added to Office Upgrade.
  • Zip Code Exclusions: Now works properly for pickup delivery types.
  • Report Sharing: You can now turn off sharing a report that was originally shared with a worker.
  • Conflicts: Blue conflicts properly showing. These are shown when you view an item causing a conflict for another lead.
  • Customer Merge Utility: Fixes to items merged and function of UI.
  • Worker Text Reminder: Fixed issue with duplicate text messages being sent for grouped shifts created from the delivery planner.
  • QBO Sync: Speed improvements made.
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