Pricing - Weekday Only Pricing

Whenever using any conditional pricing you must enable autosave, see here.

  1. Settings
  2. Inventory (add new item or edit existing)
  3. Pricing Section
  4. "Show Conditional Pricing"
  5. In new line choose "Add to Base Price" or "Override Base Price"
  6. In "Filter" field select create new filter
  7. "Open New Tab"

    Now we are creating the filter for this new price

  8. Name the Filter we are creating
  9. Leave Filter Type as Pricing
  10. Set 1st "Field Name" to any of the following (search weekday to show these results)
  11. Click Add
  12. Repeat for any additional conditions
  13. "Save & Close"

    Go back to item page

  14. Select the new filter from the "filter" field
  15. Set the "Price name"
  16. Define pricing as usual
  17. "Done"
  18. "Add"
  19. "Save"

Whenever you are creating new price conditions it is best to test them out by creating a lead from the software or submitting a test booking from the site to see if they have the desired effect.

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