Multi-Location - Location Specific Charges

You can setup to manage different locations under separate payment methods. This will allow you to charge different parts of your subscriptions to location specific payment methods. See below for how how setup each individual portion. The main card on your account, will carry the entire subscription unless you change the following options. Each one of the charge specific adjustments below is optional depending on your preference.

Adding a Card to a Location

1. Settings
2. "Subscription (Locations)" Not the regular subscription page"
3. Select the location for which you would like to add a payment method
4. Add the card onto the location

Charging the Location Cost to a Locations Payment Method

1. Settings
2. "Warehouses/Addr"
3. Select the location
4. Select the option shown in this screenshot

5. Click "Save & Close" button

Charging the WordPress Module and Hosting Cost to a Location

This option will charge the $39/mo separately to another location if you wish for that location to independently pay for its own WordPress Module/Hosting.

1. Settings
2. "WordPress"
3. Click on site belonging to the location you wish to have bill separately
4. Select the option shown in this screenshot

5.  Click "Save & Close" button

Charging IO Phone to a Location

This option will allow a location to pay for it's own IO Phone billing

1. Settings
2. "IO Phone"
3. "Numbers"
4. Select the number that you would like to bill to a specific location
5. Select the location to which it should bill in the top left hand corner

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