Account Merge & Multi-Location Consideration Guide

User Account Merge Consideration Guide

When contemplating the merging of user accounts on our platform, it is crucial to approach the decision with a clear understanding of the implications for your business. Before exploring the options detailed below, we require you to provide us with specific information to ensure that we fully understand your objectives and can guide you through the process effectively.

Please Contact Us With the Following Details:

  • Your Goals: Clearly outline what you aim to achieve by merging accounts or keeping them separate.
  • Business Strategy: Explain how each account fits into your overall business strategy.
  • Operational Impact: Describe how you anticipate this change will affect your day-to-day operations.
  • Long-Term Vision: Share your long-term vision for your company or companies post-merge.

This step is essential to prevent any misunderstandings and to ensure that the changes made to your account align with your operational needs and business goals.

Option 1: Merge Accounts as Separate Locations in One Account


  • Consolidated Management: Manage multiple locations under one account without needing to switch between accounts.
  • Cost Efficiency: Potentially lower costs by combining inventory to calculate the base plan and sharing module costs across locations.
  • Unified Inventory: Shared inventory statuses across locations allow for more efficient allocation of rental items.
  • Ability to maintain entirely separate settings, branding, and processes per operation


  • Permanence: Merging is a permanent action; once completed, it cannot be undone.
  • Status Standardization: Requires standardization of lead statuses across locations to ensure consistency in inventory and availability.
  • Pricing: In addition to whatever the new total is for your base software plan, you will also add on our Multi-Location module. That is $50/mo for InflatableOffice Users and $100 for EventOffice users.

Option 2: Merge and Discontinue Separate Operations


  • Streamlined Operations: Ideal for when you’re discontinuing one of the businesses and want to bring all assets into one primary account.
  • One Brand Focus: Allows you to focus on building and operating a single brand.
  • Historical Data Consolidation: Event history and customer data from the discontinued account are retained for reference and continuity.


  • No Separate Branding: Not suitable if you wish to maintain separate branding or business operations.
  • Inventory Management: You’ll need to carefully manage the transition of inventory to ensure accurate tracking and availability.
  • Customer Transition: Communicate with customers about the change to ensure they understand any new processes or points of contact.
  • Without multi-location (like in option 1) the two companies will be operating with the same settings, pricing and processes

Option 3: Keep Accounts Separate


  • Independence: Each account will operate independently, maintaining its own settings, statuses, and inventory.
  • Customization: Different accounts can have customized lead statuses and operate under different business models or branding.
  • Flexibility: You can run different promotional strategies and have separate financial reports for each account.


  • Cost: This is usually the most expensive option as you continue to pay for both accounts individually.
  • Management: Requires more time and effort, as you need to manage each account separately.
  • Efficiency: The least time-saving method for operating multiple brands or companies due to the need to switch between accounts and duplicate management efforts.

Making Your Decision

Reflect on the provided options and how they align with your business structure and future aspirations. It's essential to consider the financial implications, operational efficiencies, and long-term scalability when making your choice. Once you have a clear direction, please reach out to our team with the necessary details, and we will assist you in taking the next steps that best support your business's growth and success.

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