Worker App, CRM Updates, and more

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New Features:

  • Worker App: Packing list loading will not alert the user if someone else has loaded items immediately.
  • Worker App: No need to save packing list changes anymore, we automatically save all changes.
  • Worker App: Notifications are sent when a packing list changes after it has been marked complete.
  • Worker App: Added support for more variables including Venue Notes and now you can easily edit app header templates in Pages/Templates.
  • Worker App: Added ability to unassign QR codes as well as organize assignments with notes.
  • Worker App: Added support for IO Phone calling and texting.
  • Worker App: Added ability to access venue notes.
  • Worker App: Worker availability alert added so that when availability is changed that information is sent to the appropriate email.
  • CRM: Most CRM log records will now have read status, assignee, and resolution status when viewing an Organization or Customer.
  • CRM: We’ve added CRM to Organizations and made them easier to keep up to date.  See Video
  • CRM: There are new preset CRM filters to keep track of what customer/organization needs attention: ToDo, My Stuff, and My Groups.
  • CRM: Better prevention and correction of errant bot clicks on email links for email statistics and CRM stats.
  • CRM: You can now add journal notes to Organizations.
  • CRM: CRM subscribers get 7 years of IMAP email storage and non-subscribers get 1 year.
  • CRM: Quick text, email, and call buttons have been added to log entries.
  • Vendors: For vendor sharing where the vendor is also and IO users, we now make it simple to create leads for the item you are sharing. The lead is then connected to the vendor’s version to make management of them easier. We’ve also added an auto email to assist.
  • Vendors: Added more vendor details to leads to make it easier to connect with vendors you are using on that lead.
  • Organizations: You can now auto assign Customers to Organizations and create Organizations when needed (Automatic Organization Creation setting needs turned on). Search “Organization Importer.” It will create organizations when referenced by a customer record or place a customer on the organization if it exists.
  • Organizations: Merge utility is now available.
  • Merge Utility: Improved merge utility to be smarter such as suggest a full address merge instead of parts.
  • AA Tax: You can now exclude promotions and fees, delivery types, and rentals under certain conditions.
  • Rentals: Added filter to see items missing pictures or descriptions
  • Tags: We now show which filters/automations tags are used in.
  • Reports: Added Lead $ Distance, Lead $ Tips, and Lead Link columns.
  • Workers: Added filter to show admin categorized users for brands that bill on admin workers such as EventOffice.
  • Workers: When trying to save a worker with more permissions/locations, we will now highlight those.
  • WordPress: Added revision history to shortcoder changes for easier upgrades
  • Wordpress: Added the ability to create custom price points for product pages in the plugin.
  • Wordpress: The filter tool now allows you to group checkbox filters for custom filter groups (age groups for example).

Bugs fixed:

  • WordPress: Adjusted sync to host all images on website and not just main one
  • WordPress: Fixed issue with some packages not working right on checkout
  • WordPress: Fixed issue with deleted timeslots still showing on checkout
  • WordPress: Hid company wide timeslots if multi-day is selected in cart
  • Organizations: Improved speed.
  • Link Clicks: Improved reduction of bot link clicks to prevent false positives.
  • Dashboard: Category report improved to use first category an item is in.
  • Dashboard: Selecting a time period on the Company Statistics chart will now work properly.
  • Dashboard: Now properly accounting for time zones on the IO Phone stats.

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We will be adding videos, screen shots, and documentation to this soon.


Is the Worker app already updated for these or will it be updating soon? Not sure if I'm seeing all the listed updates. Like worker availability notifications and autosaving packing lists.


The worker availability is an alert that needs turned on in your Alerts Center. All of these are out.

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