Wordpress Link Sharing, Newsletters, Display Order, Sand Bag Fees, Vendor Optional Fields, & More

Tim B. shared this announcement 18 months ago

New Features:

  • Newsletters: Added the ability to filter on customers that have not clicked a link in or opened a newsletter so you can do additional actions like send another email, text, and/or change their status.
  • Display Order: Added the ability to set display order on the backend and WP sites for categories, rentals, and accessories.
  • Fees: Added the ability to charge fees per tie down of a rental item per surface. This can be used to charge for sand bags required.
  • Optional Fields: Added optional fields for vendors so users can track additional information.
  • Contracts: We reduced warnings and are auto-upgrading leads when sending contracts.
  • IO Phone Calls: Added ability to close calls from the call log hat are mistakenly still open.
  • IO Phone: Added preset filters for inactive/active items like ring schedules and voicemails.
  • Fraud Prevention: Added code to further limit fraudulent charges.
  • Printable Lists: Added the ability to differentiate between export csv and view/print a lead, customer, inventory, and worker list.
  • Accessories: Added the ability to search accessories when adding items to a lead.
  • Dashboards: Added Year to Date chart from the old UI as an optional preset chart.
  • API: You can now easily add your own API keys if you are subscribed to the API/WordPress module.
  • Lead Timeline: Added an alternate view for the lead timeline that doesn’t scale to size. This is useful for companies that do long events or very early/late setups/teardowns.
  • Lead Timeline: Added the ability to see the recommended durations for setup, teardown, and travel times.
  • Lead Timeline: Buttons for adding blocks to the timeline are now placed horizontally and easier to use.
  • Search Lists: Added hover text for long results in all search lists so you can read all the text.
  • Profit: Now subtracting the worker commission from the profit calculation.
  • Leads: Added the ability to notify the user when the customer performs an action while you have the lead open so that you do not save over those changes, mostly status changes.
  • Leads: Now we should on rental items whether there is a custom note without opening it.
  • Payments: Added new payments page so you can see how payments are applied across leads and generate receipts.
  • Customers: You can now easily switch primary and additional contacts on a lead.
  • Sunset: Added additional sunset information on hover.
  • Lead Emails: Added multiple improvements to email contracts and purchase orders.
  • Wordpress: SEO link sharing network will begin rolling out this week. Check the box under Settings -> Wordpress to join it.
  • Organizations:  Added *invoice_url* variable to be used in emails to send the link to the customer statement when working with organizations.  

Bugs fixed:

  • Speed: Multiple speed improvements to loading and saving leads.
  • API: Both recent quote emails were being sent to these leads. Now only the customer one sends.
  • Warehouse Addresses: Multi-location accounts now will have a location assigned to every address.
  • Google Calendar: Fixed issue with sync stopping after too many failures.
  • Leads: Multiple improvements to pricing as you are working with leads.
  • Venues: Fixes to saving venue information on leads.
  • Rentals: Added searching by serial number now.
  • Leads: Ability to adjust event time on a lead when it is saved with a zero duration.
  • Leads: Showing Lead ID and Organization name after initial save.
  • Editor: Added page break button to online text editor.
  • Emails: Customer recent quote email changed to send on every quote instead of only on most recent.
  • Unsaved Changes: Fixed issue to enable popup warning of unsaved changes when closing a tab.
  • Mobile: Fixed issue with adding payments on a lead in mobile view.
  • Printing: Improvements made to make printing of documents more similar to the old UI.
  • Merging: Customer types fixed when merging customers.
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with accessory images and image pop-ups
  • Wordpress: Improvements made to linen and drop-down based items
  • Wordpress: Fixed cart total bug if availability turned off
  • Wordpress: Set event date to clear better if in past, and not allow today to be selected by default

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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Hi IO That's Fantastic! You guys work hard with improvements, but that's not all, you guys are Awesome in everything you do. Although I have to manually enter name, add, phone number, lead number, items, pmts etc, on every single Lead to QB because my IO webconnector no longer links any of my Leads to QB it's difficult and time consuming. Hope you all have a Blessed week. Sincerely, Mary Balderas

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