Text Missed Calls, Help, Sales Reps, Tags, and more

Tim B. shared this announcement 22 months ago

New Features:

  • IO Phone: Automated texting is now possible using phone filters with automations. You can send a text to missed calls now.
  • Help: Improved display of help menu, showing more information about posts.
  • Workers: Sales Rep Leaderboard preset chart added as an optional chart for your dashboards.
  • Workers: Shifts need scheduled report will now show leads if you have less shifts scheduled than staff you plan to use for the event.
  • Workers: We now show worker responses to invitations when viewing on the calendar.
  • Tags: You now have a page to manage tags. If you login as a worker account, your admin will have to grant permission.
  • Tags: When you are adding tags, we now search existing tags and show you a list if you want to use an existing tag.
  • Tags: We now track the creation time of tags so you can filter on leads better knowing when a contact was tagged.
  • Leads: Setup of recurring leads was made easier to understand. Preset times were implemented for when to create recurring leads.
  • Leads: Added the ability to collapse and expand accessory lists on leads. We will remember your last choice.
  • Subscription: We are now showing email addresses that you purchase to use with us on the subscription page.
  • User Guides: All new users and existing users looking to learn new features and modules will start seeing a user guide overlaid on our software to guide them through those features.
  • Pricing: Conditional pricing was updated to stop once the first price override is hit, allowing you to easily set priority by ordering the most important prices first. All ‘add to price’ conditions are checked and added to the base or override price if the override condition is met.
  • Shifts: We now have a shifts page that can be used to find and work with shifts.
  • Shifts: Shift notes are now available for reports.
  • Inventory: Now we show the custom time if applicable when viewing leads that the in item is on.
  • Inventory: Replacement cost field is now a variable available for use in rental loops in templates.
  • Email: Support for Outlook/Office365 email sending was added for worker profiles.
  • Optional Fields: Support added for worker specific optional fields.
  • Packing Lists: Added read only permission for packing lists.
  • Packing Lists: Two new variables were added (*d_or_r*, *delivery_or_return*) for packing lists and vehicle packing lists to print out delivery or return. These only work when printed from the delivery planner.
  • Packing Lists: Handles multiple levels of items properly.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: Fixed issue where signatures were not disabled after contract was signed. Visual issue only.
  • Vendor Items: Fixed issue where accessories were not shown properly in alert emails.
  • Tags: Fixed issue with Android devices not allowing you to add tags.
  • Leads: Fixed issue with toggling tax exempt setting such that we trigger appropriate calculations.
  • Promotions: Now preventing the surcharges from affecting totals used in promotion calculations.
  • Email: Fixed issue with email test button for Outlook integration.
  • Google Calendar: When switching location of a lead, we will remove it if already added to the original location’s Google Calendar.
  • Fees: Max Capacity Fees fixed in where it wouldn’t always apply if there were canceled events on a busy day
  • Fees: Max Capacity Fees adjusted to not auto-apply when a customer submits a quote - update.
  • IO Phone: Fixed issue with ampersands breaking some links in text messages.
  • Payroll: Adjusted payroll export feature to run faster
  • Quote Page: Fixed issue where accessories didn’t show in certain configuration

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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