Customer Tags - Create Times, Filtering, Editing, and Selecting

Tags allow you to later filter your customers and leads to perform analysis and actions on them. Tags originally did not have an associated time stamp on them, but all tags going forward will. This allows you to do things like make advertising campaigns that tag your leads and then later filter to see how many lead came in from that campaign during a specific period. 

We also give you the ability to drop down and choose from existing tags.

Customer Tags

A customer tag allows you to group customers easily, filter leads, and customize automated emails based on this. In a customers profile, you can enter in the tags, press enter on your keyboard, and then save the profile to create customer tags.

You also have the ability to make reports for tags, group and sort tags. We’ve also added some useful stats when viewing a tag.

There is also a tag page that will allow you to add, edit, delete, and organize your tags and the customers they apply to. To learn more, watch the video below.  

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