Square Upgrades, Filter Improvements, and More

Tim B. shared this announcement 2 years ago

New Features:

  • Square: Massive upgrade allowing you to save cards on file and recharge, use Google and Apple Pay for speed of checkout, and use Square’s AfterPay to let people get on a payment plan.
  • Workers: You can now set permissions by section for editing a worker.
  • Office Upgrade: Ready to have your team make the switch final? We now can set your account to prevent your employees from returning to the old UI to prevent issues.
  • Google Calendar: Restrictions will now cause calendar items to also be removed if those restrictions are not met.
  • Mobile: Many improvements have been made to the mobile view of the backend.
  • Dashboard: You can now specify sales reps and location (when you have access to more than one location) on preset dashboard widgets.
  • Calendar: We now take you to the current month instead of the last month you were looking at.
  • Filters: Improvements made to sharing of filters making it easier to share.
  • Filters: Added new time filters allowing you to filter on the start or end hour.
  • International: Autocomplete now working for international addresses.
  • Wordpress: Added ‘Scrolling View’ option to the featured widget allowing for less vertical space
  • Wordpress: ‘Additional day’ pricing option available under plugin Pricing options
  • Wordpress: Timeslots set for the entire account now work on the cart (when a timeslot is created in IO but not assigned to a specific item, it will affect the cart time pickers; Also to enable, plugin Cart settings needs ‘Single Day’ set).
  • Wordpress: Timeslots: Putting day of week name in the Additional Text will allow that time slot to only be available when on that day

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Fixed issues with emails showing as read when they were not.
  • Emails: Incorrect test results in some cases when testing SMTP connections.
  • Tasks: Fixed issue with recurring tasks not stopping.
  • Fees: Multilocation fee custom names now working.
  • Autosave: Now properly triggering on all date changes.
  • Wordpress: Fixed cart where if an accessory is added it will auto-add the main item with it
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue when setting up a multi-site the clientid could be created
  • Wordpress: Improved featured widget so it uses the rental/category shortcode templates so customizations to it are shown where the widget is used
  • Wordpress: Fixed quote page compatibility issues with wp bakery designer
  • Wordpress: Fixed upsell display issues for multi-location sites

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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