Payments - Square Payments Integration

Setting up your integration with Square is simple.  Click the Square option in Merchant Services and then choose the Sign into Square button.  Once you complete that login, you will see an option to choose a business location if you have more than one with Square.  Remember if you have a multi-location account with us to set the correct location and repeat this process for other locations.

Recharging Cards

If you've taken payment through Square via our software, you will be able to charge those same cards again successfully as long as those cards are still valid.  You will do this from the lead you are working with in the payments section.  Choose the Charge Existing Card option to do so.  You cannot refund.  Charges must be positive amounts.  

Google Pay, Apply Pay, and After Pay

We now support Google Pay, Apple Pay, and After Pay.  The customer must be using a device and browser that supports these for them to show.  Additional considerations for each service as well as a screen shot are listed below.  

  • Apple Pay: To use this, you must have a verification file on your domain.  If you are using us for your hosting and website, we will complete this task for you.  Otherwise, the button will not show.  
  • After Pay: To use this, you must have it enabled in your Square account.  Square will give you a minimum and maximum dollar amount that your customers can use this for.  If the amount they are trying to pay is not within those values, the button will not show.  

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