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Future Changes:

  • Major Revision: We are still hard at work on our software refresh. Let us know if you are interested in beta testing. ETA: End of 2019
  • Subscription: Sales tax will be added to your subscription payments (definitely for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan customers, not sure yet who else). ETA: Fall 2019

New Features:

  • Security: We’ve added several extra security layers with this release to continue maintaining a highly- secure hosting environment for your data.
  • Wordpress: Permalinks are now always used on page updates and not the page id

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Fixed some issues with yearly reminders occasionally sending at wrong time
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue with multi-page items not being listed in some circumstances
  • Wordpress: Customer IP now passed through when server is running through a proxy server
  • Conflicts: When a structure item has parts in maintenance the conflict checking now works better
  • SMS: When using the resend button on a lead, it will now re-send it as a text and not an email for texts
  • SMS: Worker texts are now sent using your IO phone number and not a shared number
  • CRM: Last contact now updated when sending an SMS
  • Surveys: Loading speed improvements made for large accounts
  • Locations: Optional fields now properly load on new leads even before selecting a location
  • Locations: Fixed IO Phone log duration totals

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Thank you IO for the update, you guys sure are Amazing! Have a wonderful rest of the day.


Does this update fix this problem?


Beginning February 18, 2020, the following app will no longer have access to your Gmail data:

InflatableOfficeGoogle has always worked to design our tools and services with security at their core. Last year, we proactively updated the Google User Data Policy to better protect Gmail users.

As part of this policy, apps you granted access to your Google account that have not passed a required security assessment will no longer be able to access your Gmail data starting February 18, 2020.

Without access to your Gmail data, this app may not work as intended. If you have any questions, please contact the developer of the app.

You can also use the security checkup tool to view, manage, and remove any apps that you have given access to your Google Account.


The Google Accounts team

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