Organizations (Customer Accounts), Enhanced Optional Fields, & More

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Release Schedule for Tomorrow, 6/23/2020

New Features:

  • Organizations: You can now define organizations and attach customer profiles to those organizations. You’ve always been able to indicate an organization on a customer/lead, but now you can collect customer profiles/leads under an organization. This allows for many useful features such as viewing open orders, setting payment terms, automatically billing monthly, grouping leads on a single invoice and payment page, and more.
  • Enhanced Optional Fields: Optional fields are now available on more than just leads and quotes. You can use them for customers, inventory, and workers. We also allow you to place them in a section of your choice, mark them as required, and more.
  • New Link Behavior: Links no longer will open in a new tab with a normal click. We now will give you options to save before moving to the new link. Upon closing the link, you are returned to where you left off.
  • Temporarily Adjust Filters: Temporarily adjust filters that are applied on a sidebar search so you can adjust the filtered data without saving your filter. Just click the default button option ‘Apply & Close’.
  • Help Search Easily Accessible: Our support site is full of helpful documentation on our product as well as answers to questions by many of you. Searching in the Settings Cog menu will now not only search settings pages, but it will also search our support site.
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking: There are times when Facebook’s Pixel tracking code is inaccurate. We’ve added tracking of Facebook leads inside our software to give you additional tracking information, similar to how we are tracking Google Adwords leads. See the statistics chart in the dashboard.
  • Abbreviate Long Events on Calendar: You can now set a day threshold so that any event over that number of days will only show the start and end date on the calendar.
  • Create Filters on the Fly: Many areas of the software allow you to apply filters. Now you can create those filters without navigating to the filters settings page.
  • Payment Declined Email & Alert: We’ve added a payment declined auto email and alert. These only trigger on automated billing attempts.

Bugs fixed:

  • Leads: Improved searching of rentals on leads.
  • Leads: Handle recalculation of optional field related promotions/fees better.
  • Lists: Brought back active/inactive coloring on lists.
  • Inventory: You can now save inventory without doing a ‘Save & Close’.
  • Google Calendar: Fixed issues where granting permission may not have showed calendars properly.
  • Email: Fixed issue where bcc field was not cleared after sending.
  • Email: Save copy of newsletters now copying all appropriate fields.
  • Surveys: Alerts and access to default surveys fixed.
  • Filters: Preventing deletion of filters that are in use now.

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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Thank you IO and all the staff for all your Hard work, it is very much appreciated.


Absolutely! Thanks for noticing!


Love this!

Thank you so much!

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