Max Capacity Fees, Lead Section Ordering, Attachments For All, & More

Tim B. shared this announcement 2 years ago

New Features:

  • Max Capacity Fees: Now you can set max capacity fees such that when you have more than x events or x dollars of events on a day, you can charge extra fees for any additional bookings. This is a great way to make additional revenue on busy days and holidays. Learn more and see how to use it.
  • Lead Section Order: You can now edit the lead section order to your liking per login on the display order page. Learn more and see how to use it.
  • Attachments: Attachments allowed for customers, organizations, venues, inventory, workers, and vendors.
  • Filtering:  We show the field below instead of beside the filter results shown in the search bar now.  We've tightened up some spacing to show more results, and you can now click the red hide button to hide any results that are not relevant and help you find what you are looking for faster.  Learn more and see how to use it.  
  • Venues: Improvements to how venues are handled. Workers without permission to edit venues can still load them on a lead. Changes they make are lead specific.
  • Calendar: Now we show leads on days not in the current month if they are displayed.
  • List Items: Now more items will display in your lists because we’ve made the rows smaller.
  • Payments: Payments page was moved to the settings menu and now you see one entry per payment with additional information showing how the payment was spread across leads.
  • Leads: Added additional preset filters to show Customer Created and Admin Created leads.
  • Print Utility: Uses the sort you have selected when loading leads to print.
  • Receipts: Now more easily accessible.
  • Tax Exempt Customers: Tax exempt ID field added to customer profiles.
  • Tasks: We allow unassigned tasks as a way to flag leads.
  • IO Phone: It’s now easier to call a lead you are viewing. Clicking in the phone input will show all the customer’s numbers.
  • Inventory: You can now choose a report to use by default when viewing your inventory list.
  • Wordpress: Better support for packages with choices

Bugs fixed:

  • Optional Fields: Lead/customer optional field not updating on lead.
  • Link Quantity: Improvements to linked quantity calculations.
  • Auto Emails: Improvements to recent quote and yearly auto emails.
  • Organizations: Improvements to taking payments across multiple leads.
  • PDF Links: Made using PDF links easier by adding variables.
  • Filtering: Speed improvements to filtering and searching.
  • API: Coupon codes now working properly.
  • Same Items: Allowing use of same item IDs and names on a lead.
  • Missing Fields: Missing fields added to worker profiles.
  • Dashboard: Some preset charts were not using the period settings and now are.
  • Dashboard: Filters now work better when used in dashboard widgets.
  • Packages: Overriding of price now working properly on leads page when more quantity than package allows is requested.
  • Sidebar Labels: Now they are not missing on mobile.
  • Wordpress: Improvements with event date behaviour in cart
  • Wordpress: Improved image optimization

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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