Bug fixes and SMS plans

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Future Changes:

  • Major Revision: We are still hard at work on our software refresh. ETA: End of 2019
  • Subscription: Sales tax will be added to your subscription payments (definitely for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona customers, not sure yet who else). ETA: Fall 2019
  • SMS: We’ll be adding more abilities to automate text messages. An IO Phone number will be required. Fee is 3 cents per msg segment

New Features:

  • SMS: ‘Text notifications okay?’ option has been added to all quote forms and will be required for (future) automated texts to be sent. STOP and UNSTOP commands are now supported for clients as well when they reply to text.
  • Workers: Payroll export was added. After loading a date, it’s on the right side. Compatible with ADP and possibly others.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contract: Moved alert messages up so fix issues with contract being below payment section.
  • Gmail: Fixed issue multi-location issue affecting FROM address for auto emails
  • Fees: Fixes fees using % Rental Total to calculate correctly and include other line-item fees
  • Spam: Added several spam prevention checks to the contact me page type
  • Taxcloud: Fixed issue where square/open edge payments weren’t sent to taxcloud
  • PO: Fixed glitch where PO would sometimes show as signed when it wasn’t
  • API: Improved duplicate lead detection when same info submitted multiple times
  • Emails: Unsubscribe link removed from any manually sent emails (from event and contract tab only)
  • Emails: Adjusted yearly event reminder to only send 1 reminder if customer had several events within the same month
  • Optional Fields: Allowed them to be sortable when part of the default lead view
  • Delivery Restriction: Fixed bug where delivery restriction was using total and not sub-total
  • Statuses: Fixed issue where inactive statuses could be assigned to leads
  • Delivery Tool: Fixed bug in auto-load that could the wrong position for a vehicle to be assigned.
  • Delivery Tool: Fixed ‘no assigned vehicles’ error to be more accurate
  • Auto Booking: Fixed situation where customers could book event, hit the back button a few times and submit a new quote that would update the status of existing event.
  • Calendar: Fixed day view availability for structure items and for multi-locations shared items
  • Packages: Fixed issue with ‘override pricing’ not working in certain scenarios
  • Adwords: Fixed bug where admin created leads appeared created via adwords
  • Mobile App: Fixed accessory availability checking
  • Mobile App: Fixed searching for multi-location accounts
  • Square: Fixed setup for multi-location accounts
  • Workers: Emails settings weren’t always saving
  • Upsell: Removed vendor items from upsell list
  • Vendors: Email Vendor - Event Reminder had several issues fixed
  • QB Online: Upgraded authentication and fixed several misc issues
  • Conflicts: Fixed conflict issues with long maintenance entries; and also situations with soft conflicts (yellow) showing incorrect availability
  • CRM: Fixed customer profile to show assigned Tasks
  • Open Edge: Added more reconciliation so no payments can be missed via integration
  • Wordpress: Adjusted cart so hitting Add on the same item wouldn’t increase quantity
  • Workers: Shift Changes email has been fixed for shifts not scheduled from delivery tab
  • Items: Prevented issue where inventory would sometimes save a copy when save was clicked

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We are very excited about these changes. Where can I find the SMS "text ok"? We would like to get a jump start on this and confirm that it is on all quotes. Manual and customer created.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

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