Write the Right Event Delivery Worker Job Description

Who you hire is critical to the success of your event rental company. Your new employee not only carries the responsibility of your reputation, they also have a duty to reduce your customer’s, and your business’, liability by acting with care. Screening your interested applicants can help reduce the headache of high-turnover and employee disengagement. The first layer, your job posting, needs to be reinforced to attract the right person.

Most potential employees have their first encounter with your company through the job description. This first point of impression needs to achieve several important goals. You must attract the right personality and skills, you must give them enough background to see if they can fit the pace of your company, and you must inspire the sought talent to want to apply. Review your job descriptions to see places that could use polish.

Attract with Precision

A wordy job description could be off-putting. Not enough words and you might find yourself flooded with unenthusiastic matches. Help your future employee envision exactly what it’s like to work for your company by being concise and clear on your desires. Before writing the description have a strategy session with your team and be ruthless in identifying all the skills, values, and tasks of this role. It’s also good to know the market pay, the essential training, and other management needs.

After having a focused planning session, work again from a blank page. Take all that you’ve produced in your storming session and then draft a description that:

Sounds Like Your Company - Are you a relaxed group? High-energy? Have a strong camaraderie? Ask if the job description is in your voice and then adjust it if needed.

Show the day-to-day responsibilities - Give them a brief look at a day in the life while sharing the responsibilities.

Includes Incentive - With unemployment rates at 4% good candidates might already be working in a role. Find ways to draw them to your position.

Give them Parameters

While this job may be super easy to pick up, you must still set smart parameters to save yourself from having to do very basic training for the position. Don’t get us wrong, training is key for a person to learn the ropes of your company, but training can’t always compensate for some missing foundational skills of a role (promptness, following directions, etc.). Think about what the person should bring to the table in terms of skills, attributes, and experience.

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Invest in Long-Term Incentives

Finding a good working and then losing them can sting. Finding an ineffective working and losing them could cost us dearly. Either way, employee turnover acts as a drag on a company’s momentum. An employer-employee relationship thrives when it is mutually beneficial. Give them the reason they will want to grow with your company. While life still happens, this could make a difference in the caliber of your talent pool. The software Worker’s Module has built-in incentives, including self-scheduling and a performance tracker.

Writing any job description takes thoughtful planning and transparency. Update the description whenever you feel as though there have been new changes or needs since your last hire. Take time to review all of your descriptions on a consistent basis and upgrade them with your company.  

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