Selling Items

To setup a website or category to handle just selling of items and not rentals, you can follow this guide:

1. Create a new group of 'checkout' pages

a. Under Settings->Pages, click New.
b. Set the category to Sale Items and click Populate
d. change the category to quote request
c. Set the group name to a unique name such as 'company web store'
d. type quote request in for the name and hit save

e. Under Settings->Pages, click New.
f. Set the category to Quote Confirm and click Populate
h. Set the group name to the same as step c.
i. type Confirm in for the name and hit save

j. Under Settings->Pages, click New.
k. Set the category to Purchase and click Populate
l. change the category to Contract
m. Set the group name to the same as step c.
n. type payment in for the name and hit save

2. Adding inventory

a. Set the items to the new page group when setting the category.
b. if setting up a new website, you'll set the WP sync group to use the new page group

3. On your website

a. to change the 'xxxx for Rent' text on category pages: In Wordpress, go to InflatableOffice->Shortcoder, click io_category_cart and search for 'for Rent', change and click Update Shortcode (will effect entire site).

b. to hide date picker in cart: go to apperance->customize->additional css and add the following:
#cartCalendar,#cartTimePicker,#cartDateRange,#changeDateLink{display:none !important;}

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