Why You Should Attend This Conference

The International Amusement and Attraction Parks Association hosts several annual trade shows around the globe. If your in event rentals and focused on the entertainment side of things (think bounce houses, obstacle courses, and more) then you may have heard of the event that takes place in Orlando, commonly known as IAAPA. We’ve been going for 8 years, and we love the opportunity to catch up with our community, showcase our greatest accomplishments since the last show, and release amazing new updates.

Still on the fence? Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider attending one of our industry’s greatest trade shows.

  1. It separates you from the amateurs - Being a part of a trade show like IAAPA gives you the connection to top vendors and partners who are serious about making meaningful impact in the industry
  2. It strengthens your network- Those who attend IAAPA are just as serious about their business as the vendors that are pursuing them. Not only is IAAPA a great way to connect with them, but there are also a lot of concurrent events during the week that allow you to get to know others on a deeper level.
  3. You can be inspired by new ideas - One of the greatest parts of IAAPA is the reveal of new industry trends. See what the cutting edge ideas are and add some new pieces to your inventory.
  4. Our first user training will be that week- One new thing we’re doing this year is a live user training focused specifically on using our latest software developments to their maximum ability.
  5. Look out for the IO Awards - Last year we held our 2nd annual IO awards. See who will be the winners this year!
  6. Your team or family will enjoy - IAAPA is packed with a ton of cutting edge virtual reality games, rides, and unique amusement items! Plenty of families bring their kids so they can enjoy the fun as well.
  7. You will be changed - Every year our community grows, learns, and builds together. If you’ve never been to IAAPA it is an experience that can truly strengthen your stance in your business.

Plan your trip today, but be sure to sign up with us for training too.
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