Launch Your Event Rental Website + Free Checklist

Are you serious about starting an event rental business in 2020?

One area you should make a priority is your website. Veteran customers know that a well-managed website can make or break your profits. They also know it will save your sanity during your busiest of season.

If you’re starting out, start off right with our Event Rental Website Checklist.

Event rental website free checklist

Before you download our checklist, learn the basic components every event rental website should address.

Component #1: Clear and Compelling Goals that you can Track

Effectiveness in any business must include metrics. No matter what design you apply to your website, all your efforts would be meaningless if they were not aligned to your business goals. What is a profitable website to you? How should your customer engage with your website? What does success look like to you?

Set a time aside to align website performance to your business goals. Then make sure that anyone involved in the development of your website is on the same page.

Component #2: Lead Generation System

Your website works for you. Put it to work by making sure it is generating leads for your company. In the past, websites with basic information and a form may have been enough. Now you need to position every page of your website to capture your potential customers.

From critical call-to-actions to exclusive opportunities for mailing list members. You must have a way to capture, maintain, and nurture leads. This is the butter of your business. A powerful software can scale your customer relationship management for your growing business.

Component #3: Easy Ways for Customers to do Business with you

Beyond capturing leads, your event rental website should also provide excellent customer service. From booking events, sending reminders, and even emergency alerts. Your website should fulfill all or most of your administrative/customer service needs. Automation is the way of business and in 2020 customers expect and trust fluidity of online interactions. If you’re website is lacking in these areas, then it’s time to switch.

Download the full 9-step Event Rental Website Checklist.

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