IO Phone Upgrades & More

Tim shared this announcement 4 months ago

New Features:

  • IO Phone Multiple Numbers: We now support multiple phone numbers for inbound and outbound use. Additionally you can set numbers as inbound only and specify what employees are allowed to use certain numbers.
  • IO Phone Custom Rules: You can set custom rules and conditionally put expiration times on them. This is useful if you want to make sure a certain customer gets routed to a certain worker the next time they call in.
  • IO Phone Groups: You can now define groups of workers so that you can more easily setup ring schedules and transfer calls to those groups.
  • IO Phone Extensions: Ring schedules and extensions can now be both active.
  • IO Phone Transfers: Transfers will now respect ring schedules and “do not disturb.”
  • IO Phone International: Support improved for international calls resulting in better ring schedule routing.
  • IO Phone Additional Contacts: We now support additional contacts on leads for ring schedule routing.
  • IO Phone Statistics & Logging: Logging has been dramatically improved. We now show events within a call that has been logged. Transfers are logged more accurately, tracking originating and transferred information.
  • IO Phone Missed Calls: Missed call statistics are now more accurately showing when a call was missed due to an employee being on another call and other scenarios.
  • IO Phone Ring Schedules: You can now have multiple ring schedules configured per worker, and you can name them so you know what they are for.
  • IO Phone Auto Attendant: Make complicated phone trees that can be combined with ring schedules and allow extensions at the same time.
  • Organizations: We’ve added the lead ID to the list of leads for an Organization. You can now also reference the organization ID for templates using *organization_id*.
  • Websites: Our WordPress sync will now run on a scheduled job instead of immediately, which will speed up the user interface while working with inventory.
  • Websites: Website display of your company phone, email, and address are now automatically updated when you change them in IO/EO.
  • Websites: Improve SEO by getting more inbound links on your wordpress site. Go to Settings->Wordpress to join. video

Bugs fixed:

  • Dashboard: Fixed bug where the rental income by category was not accurate.
  • Optional Fields: Fixed bug with multi-location accounts not able to save optional fields on leads.
  • PayPal Redirect: Fixed issue where PayPal wasn’t redirecting after payment to WP sites.
  • IO App: Improved security requiring login again when additional security concerns are detected.
  • Imports: We are more forgiving on CSV file structure now for imports.

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.