Google Calendar Filters, Undelete Leads, Vendor Updates, & More

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New Features:

  • Google Calendar Filters: Now you can apply filters to your Google Calendars so that you can send certain leads to certain calendars. For example, send all leads with items in a linen category to a calendar for linen that you share only with your linen staff.
  • GEOLocation Tool: We now allow you to clear a bad geolocation associated with a venue address and force a new lookup.
  • Recurring Leads Shifts: You can now have a recurring lead also copy the shifts to the recurring lead. This is useful for any service you are regularly scheduling.
  • Categories List Items: Now when you are editing a category, you can see what items are included in that category and easily click to open them.
  • Pricing: It’s now easier to change the price being used on an item by searching for it. We’ve also made it easier to create a new price for an item that is already associated with an existing price.
  • Undeleting Leads: There are times when leads are accidentally deleted, and while we’ve been able to recover them, we have made it possible for you to recover them faster by doing it yourself and not waiting for us.
  • Page Groups: Creating a new page group used to require a lot more work. We’ve made it simple. Just click to create a new group of pages, and we will make a copy of your pages and assign it to the new group for you.
  • Calendar Links: Lead links on the calendar are now real links, so you can click to open them in a new tab if you want.
  • Organizations: We now allow you to choose which invoices you want to send by checking a box next to them. We’ve also given you the ability to enter a payment that will apply to all open invoices in order of oldest to newest so you don’t have to manually split the payment among the leads.
  • Auto Assign Vendor Items: It’s now possible to auto assign a vendor item based on what vendor is nearest to the venue address.
  • Limit Item Sharing: You can now limit what other IO/EO users that you are sharing your inventory with. You no longer have to share with everyone.
  • IO Phone Availability: We now show more availability info on workers that you might transfer a call to in IO Phone. DND and not being scheduled or having the schedule off will show unavailable.
  • Delivery Tool: Now if you have a conflict due to your delivery route, we show the lead in conflict by highlighting the block in red and the lead causing the conflict by highlighting in blue.
  • WordPress: We allow selecting optional fields to transfer to WP with your inventory.
  • WordPress:Featured product widget can now show pricing and description.
  • WordPress: Customize pricing per product on your website
  • WordPress: Improvements made to handling item availability on website

Bugs fixed:

  • Text Messages: Fixed bug where automated messages were sending too quickly and being declined.
  • Payments: We automatically enter the country code.
  • Promotions: Fixed a bug not allowing you to associate a promotion with a customer optional field.
  • Delivery: Fixed an issue not allowing clearing and resetting a scheduled route.
  • Distance Charges: Fixed issue where excluding zip codes were not being saved properly.
  • Speed Improvements: Made animations faster to speed up the software.
  • List Loading: Fixed issue where clicking to another list would error if the previous list never loaded completely.
  • WordPress: Fixed issues with inactive items receiving quotes
  • EventOffice Colors: We’ve updated some background colors in EventOffice so links are more visible.
  • Email Log: Fixed issue where log was displaying more than it should.

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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