Calendar Updates, SEO, IO Phone Texting Improvements, & More

Tim B. shared this announcement 22 months ago

New Features:

  • Calendar: You can now switch between dot or text view on the monthly calendar. When on text view, you can toggle the expand all option so you can see all events without scrolling.
  • IO Phone Text Templates: Texting SMS templates have been move out of the email center to their own location. These used to be edited with an HTML editor, and we had to strip the HTML before sending. Now there is less of a chance for strange characters increasing your text message length. Copy and pasting can still have odd hidden characters so we recommend you re-type those text templates.
  • Save Copy: The save copy button will now open the new item created by the save copy. Copy & Close will behave the former way where you make a copy and return to the item list. This should make it easier to be faster when creating inventory items.
  • Lead Rental Selection: Now we save your rental search/category when you are adding items to a lead so that you return to that location after adding items.
  • Profit/Cost Tracking per Lead: You can now enter an operational cost per rental item that is used along with any vendor cost for a vendor item on a lead to calculate your profit for that lead. To turn this on, you need to add an operational cost to your items. This is found in the advanced section of the inventory item.
  • IO Phone Texting During Call: You can now send text messages while on a call. To return to the call view of the phone bar, just select a number to call from.
  • IO Phone Allow Override when Transferring: You can now force the phone to ring of the person you are transferring to even if they are shown as unavailable.
  • Global Payments & Open Edge Currency: We now support both US and CAD currencies and the system will choose which to use based on the country field of the venue.
  • Website: Under Settings->Wordpress, you can specify keywords and cities for each website.
  • Website: City landing pages automatically generated for your site. video
  • Website: SEO local keyword tracking built-in (under Dashboard: SEO). video
  • Website: Visitor and conversion rate tracking built-in (under Dashboard: Website) video

Bugs fixed:

  • IO Phone Call Back Link: Call back links in emails now will use the same number originally called by the customer.
  • Sales Rep Permissions: Some sales rep permissions were not properly being followed.
  • IO Phone Hold Digit: You occasionally need the 1 digit when on a call so we now use the star digit for hold.
  • Event Time Changing: For multi-location accounts using locations in different time zones, we are preventing the time from changing when the location is changed now.
  • Serial Numbers: Serial numbers are now shown in more places and searchable so you can find the correct item.
  • Location Name: Location name has been added in many places to indicate the location of an item.
  • Deleting a Share to a Filter: You can now unshare a filter by deleting the share with that worker.
  • Quote Page: Fixed image pop-ups to look nicer and show all product images
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with accessory images

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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