New Subscription Page, Calendar, Organization Receipts, IO Phone & More

Tim B. shared this announcement 19 months ago

New Features:

  • Subscription: We have a completely new subscription page that gives you access to all sorts of new things such as stats on your usage and your itemized invoices. You can now deactivate modules on your own as well.
  • IO Phone: popout phone dialer is now available and standard for use on mobile devices.

  • IO Phone: You can now request that we not ring any worker if they are currently on a call. Transfers are an exception.
  • IO Phone: You can now associate an extension directly with a voicemail box.
  • IO Phone: You can now mark spam calls from the phone bar or handset while on the call. This will hang up the call.
  • IO Phone: For accounts without workers, you will now have a place to enter up to 3 numbers to forward to instead of temporarily using a worker profile.
  • IO Phone: Itemized phone bills will now be available on the billing page in IO Phone or on the subscription page.
  • IO Phone: If a call is picked up by a coworker before you answer, you will hear a message letting you know that instead of an immediate hangup.
  • Calendar: You can now customize the content shown when hovering over an item on the calendar. The current day is also highlighted.
  • Websites: Monitoring of website downtime improved.
  • Websites: Ability to more easily remove items from your website by checking the item in the list and choosing “Remove from Website”. Certain conditions must exist for this to be an option.
  • Websites: More options added into the IO plugin that sync from your IO account
  • Websites: Added InflatableOffice search widget optimized to search only product/category pages
  • Inventory: More than 4 images are now supported on products
  • PDFs: Default templates now include links for PDF downloads for contracts, invoices, and statements.
  • Lists: It will now load a lot more.
  • Leads: Now we monitor if a lead was updated by customer actions or someone else in the office and alert you if you are trying to save so you do not save over those changes.
  • Leads: Spacing on the leads page as well as heading spacing for all sections has been reduced to fit more on your screen.
  • Conflicts: More real-time conflict information is now provided as well as reasons for conflicts to make edge cases like recurring events more clear.
  • Conflicts: Black-out dates are now included in conflict checking which means making leads from the backend and customers selecting items from the website will both see availability if set to show.
  • Filters: We now allow you to access the status change time for building filters for automated tasks related to statuses.
  • Payments: We are not allowing $0 payments to be manually added to leads. It appears some people were using this to track purchase orders.
  • Email: Email authentication errors will now prompt for a password to make it easier to identify the issue with sending email as well as fix it.
  • Email: You can now set a from name (not email) when sending a newsletter.
  • Alerts: You can now get alerts for rating clicks on the Customer - Thank You email.
  • Receipts: Receipts improved especially for payments made via Organizations that apply to many leads.
  • Organizations: You can now have payments on account statements be either applied to the oldest balances first or all deposits required first. This setting is in Payment Preferences.
  • Surcharges: You can now make surcharges not taxable in Payment Preferences.
  • Statuses: We added a status property to allow you to move to complete status if contract signed (digital or marked as recd) or payment on lead.

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Fixes inaccurate email logging.
  • Insurance: Fixed issues with sending insurance reports.
  • Venues: Fixed issue with saving empty venue name venues.
  • Routing: Saving speed improved dramatically.
  • Routing: Fixed issue where conflict checking was not always running.
  • Lists: First row was often partially hidden and is now fixed.
  • Leads: Fixed issue where delivery times were not being unset properly in the timeline.
  • Leads: Rental order issue resolved.
  • Leads: Only enforcing recurring lead validation on first save.
  • Optional Fields: Many small bugs fixed.
  • Google Calendar: Fixed issue where authentication expired in some long runs.
  • Quickbooks Online: Fixed issue where authentication expired in some long runs.
  • IO Phone: To prevent accidental or erroneous call holds being triggered, you now have to press the STAR (*) key twice within 3 seconds.
  • IO Phone: Logging improved to show names instead of numbers if later a name is associated with that number.

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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