Delivery/Routing - Troubleshooting and FAQs

Small Delivery Blocks

Reason: The size of the delivery blocks are based on the setup/teardown duration set on the contract tab of the event. If it’s set to .25 or less (15mins), then it will be a small block as pictured.

Solution: We can’t fit more info into such a small block. Hovering over a block will highlight the pins on the map and will show the event organization. Clicking on the block will show more details.

Delivery Blocks All the Same Size

Reason: The size of the delivery blocks are based on the setup/teardown duration set on the contract tab of the event. If it’s not set it assumes 30min, which is likely why they’re all the same.

Solution: Click the block to bring up it’s details, then click the name to go to that event. Click the contract tab and set the durations and save. Reload the date on the delivery page. Note: If you have followed all the setup instructions then any new leads will have these auto-filled, and any existing leads you can simply edit the contract tab then click save and it will auto fill the durations.

No Events are Showing Up

Reason: The events could be set to a delivery type the system thinks is a pick-up (if delivery isn’t set to calculate) or it could be set to a status that is not marked for routing.

Solution: Please follow the setup instructions.

The Map is Not Working

Solution: Try zooming out on the map. If it shows you are in the middle of Kansas, then it could be a bad address on the event, or there are no deliveries that loaded for that date range.

What if I Send Multiple People to do Setup?

Solution: The man hours calculated, assumes it is one person doing all the events. You can increase the hourly rate if you regularly send multiple people to do the deliveries. Keep in mind, this feature is designed primarily to assist you in optimizing the schedule, so it is rather limited at calculating a perfect cost.

How do I Set Start Hour, and How does this Affect Printing?

Solution: You want start hour to be before you normally start your deliveries for the day. Set it, then reload the page. It is also used on the Print page which your managers will have access to. Be sure they understand how to set it as well because if set it too late, they could miss deliveries or if set too early, they could see returns from the previous day when printing. We plan to add a method to help prevent deliveries from being missed during printing, but for now, you’ll want to double-check that the print-out’s include all the deliveries.

Autoload Doesn’t Always Seem to Route Optimize

Reason: The autoload attempts to assign a vehicle and route optimize within the delivery window time constraints. We plan to continue to improve this so you can expect it to get better in this area. For now, you can manually adjust and improve the schedule if needed.

How does Autoload Work?

Answer: Currently, it resets anything already scheduled, takes all the deliveries, and decides which events have a flexible delivery schedule based on the delivery windows set. If you leave the delivery window on an event empty (these are set on the contract tab of a lead), then it will focus on route optimizing these assuming you start deliveries around 7 in the morning and finish around 10 at night. You can expand or restrict this by setting the delivery window on each event. All the non-flexible deliveries are placed first, then all the flexible ones are route optimized and placed on a vehicle they will fit on (based on the weight capacity). Anything that can’t be placed (due to lack of vehicles), will be left un-scheduled.

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