Delivery/Routing - Delivery Summary & Setup

You can organize your delivery schedule using the Delivery Panner. It will make it easy to optimize the driving route, while at the same time, making sure you are not late to your events. You’ll also be able to print out a schedule, making it easy for your crew to follow.

This feature is included for everyone to use for free, but if you don’t have the worker add-on, you are limited to 3 vehicles and will be unable to customize the names, mpg, or weight capacity of the vehicles.

Watch the tutorial video to see how it works.


Configure your vehicles by going to Workers -> Vehicles (If you do not have the worker add-on you will not be able to customize the vehicles, but you should have 3 vehicles already setup for use). In the Worker's Module you can edit and create new vehicles.  

You will want to set the mpg and weight capacity of the vehicle. If you are using the metric system then enter the units that you are familiar with (km per liter).


For each rental item, you will want to make sure the weight is set correctly. The system will use this to determine how much equipment can fit into a vehicle. It is also recommended that you set the Setup and Teardown time (in minutes).

General Settings

It is recommended that you set Automatically Set Event Setup Time and Automatically Set Event Teardown Time to ‘Yes’. Whenever a lead is created or recalculated, the system will add all the setup times for each item that is part of that lead and set the durations on the Contract tab of the event. If you do not turn this on then all the events you are wanting to schedule will need to have these setup/teardown durations manually set.


You will want to make sure you have the correct statuses set to ‘Send Leads in this Status to be Routed’. This should already be configured correctly by default, but if you’ve added additional statuses, you may want to review these.

Delivery Methods

In Settings -> Delivery Methods, you’ll need to have Distance Charges set to ‘Yes’ for any delivery types that aren’t pick-up. If you don’t want the system to calculate delivery charges, then you can set the Distance Charges per Mile to 0.


Be sure to give access to your worker profiles if needed. For a worker login to access the map screen, the Deliveries permission will need set. To access the printing of documents and directions, the Print Documents permission will need set. Accessing the printing of directions and documents will be available from the worker’s site for any profile with the ‘manager’ flag set to Yes.

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