Delivery/Routing - Printing Paperwork for "Customer Pickup" Events

You wouldn't route a customer pickup, so it doesn't make sense to route them, but you still may want to print the Packing List documents or Contracts in bulk. These documents can be printed from the Leads page.

  1. To ensure you're starting from a clean slate, on the Leads page, just click the Leads tab again to get it to reload.
  2. Put in a date range to filter by.
    1. For one time use, you could pick an exact date range:
    2. If you complete step 6 down below, you'll want to enter something more like this:
      (Choose any number of days you want and click the Apply button)
  3. In the keyword area, type "dt:" (do not hit return).
  4. After it loads the list of "delivery type" filters to apply, click on "Customer Pick-Up" (or whatever you have chosen to name this delivery method.
  5. Un-check any statuses that don't apply (quote, cancelled, etc.).
  6. Optional: Click the "save" button on the left to save this filter for future use.
  7. From the "choose report" drop-down, select the Packing List document (or any other document you want to print) and click view.
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