New Help Menu, Revenue on Calendar, Review Link for Text Message Review Requests, and More!

Tim B. shared this announcement 2 years ago

New Features:

  • Office Upgrade: Now you can set your version per login instead of account wide. Go to the person icon on the top right of the Office Upgrade and choose the ‘Change Version’ link.
  • Help Menu: Help menu added that allows search of help topics. It also displays the latest topics as well as all of your company’s topics. Questions submitted can be made private and not show.
  • Automations: More control over how often an action will occur on an automation. Until now it was once per lead or customer.
  • Automations/IO Phone: Rate limiting put in place to prevent accidental actions to large lists.
  • Reviews: We now have a review webpage like the review email template so you can text or send the link to it for any lead you want to get a review from: *reviews_ratings_url* (HTML link) and *reviews_ratings_link* (plain link).
  • Calendar: Revenue added back as a calendar view for monthly view and now yearly view will also show revenue.
  • Display Order: Set an order to your optional fields within a section.
  • Import Tool: Customer type is now available for customer imports.
  • QuickBooks Online: Improved sync will reinstate any deleted items or accounts necessary to sync invoices.
  • QuickBooks Online: Allowance for origin based sales tax.
  • QuickBooks Online: Click the green QuickBooks Online logo to go directly to the invoice, payment, or customer in your QuickBooks Online account.
  • IO Phone: Reading an emailed text and replying to it will both mark the text read in the text log.
  • IO Phone: Ring schedules now show extension information if they are used for extensions.
  • IO Phone: Custom rules now allow you to set all calls to the custom rule. This is useful for designating a certain phone to ring over the weekend.
  • IO Phone: Phone number autofills when opening lead.
  • IO Phone: Quickly get to text log when viewing a lead by clicking the text icon next to the customer name.
  • IO Phone: No need to use the Force Transfer checkbox. Now all transfers will ring through regardless of ring schedule.
  • Leads: Setting items to ‘No Discount’ will now prevent them from having global percentage discounts applied to them.
  • Emails: See when and if your auto email will go out when viewing the auto emails section of the lead.
  • Emails: You can now add PDF attachments of common checkout pages (quote, contract, etc) as well as any attachment on the lead.
  • Payments: For Global Payments/OpenEdge users you can enter $0 charges to save a card for future use.
  • Link Shortening: Turn off link shortening if you don’t want to use it via General Preferences.
  • Filters: Dollar amount filters added to leads page for quick access.
  • Columns: Shift ID now available for searching, filtering, and reports.
  • Packing Lists: You can now have more than 1 vehicle packing list so you can work on a draft without making it live.
  • Inventory: We now allow negative staffing numbers on inventory similar to electric requirements so that you can have staffing items that reduce required staff for the event.
  • Inventory: Edit multiple now available for most fields for inventory edits.
  • Date/Time Picker: We’ve made the control easier to use and faster. If using 15 minute increments, you get a faster time picker. Visual AM representation to prevent choosing the wrong time.
  • Organizations: You can now add optional fields to organizations such as a notes field.
  • Optional Fields: You can add an HTML editor to large text fields.
  • Conflicts: We now check priority when calculating availability of an item on a lead.
  • Templates: We will now check for any unreplaced variable and fill it in before sending if you loaded the template before loading the lead.
  • Templates: Added new variables for Google Maps link and the list of attachments. See the variable list.
  • Templates: Special contract variables now work when bulk printing contracts.
  • Wordpress: You can now easily add a custom message on the cart
  • Wordpress: Lots of options for customizing reviews
  • Wordpress: Cart quantity can now be edited with keypad
  • Wordpress: Time-based items now supported in cart
  • Wordpress: Restrict the time pickers across website
  • Wordpress: Search algorithm improvements, and more config options so it looks good on desktop or mobile. Add to site in elementor with InflatableOffice Search Widget.
  • Wordpress: Delivery tool widget (activate in plugin settings, may require new io_cart shortcode if customized previously)

Bugs fixed:

  • API: Preventing API leads from overwriting customer notes.
  • Calendar: Office Upgrade will now allow setting Monday as the first day of the week.
  • Contracts: Made it more clear editing a contract is not necessary usually and warnings to make a new contract improved.
  • Dashboard: For long lists, you could see multiples of a lead causing totals to be wrong.
  • Emails: Filter names appended to email names in Office Upgrade to make it easier to see when filters are present.
  • Emails: Test emails now respect the send from setting.
  • Inventory: Made it more clear when making items inactive that are in relationships to prevent accidentally making items inactive that should not be.
  • IO Phone: Added description back to text message templates.
  • Templates: Some variables were not using the scheduled delivery/return times.
  • Templates: Improved link shortening logic to ignore certain links.
  • Workers: Positions filter added.
  • Workers: Payroll report timeout fixed.
  • Wordpress: Fixed pricing issues for advanced accessory/package configurations
  • Wordpress: Fixed some issues when IO pages were edited with elementor
  • Wordpress: Fixed availability/pricing issues for items with certain characters in name
  • Wordpress: Emojis added to inventory descriptions will now show on website

There are many more features and bugs that were completed with this release, but we’ve only listed the most significant.

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Setting your version does not work for us, on chrome or Firefox. It constantly asks the same thing every time we log in., FYI


Sorry! We've fixed that now.


We tried to integrate the new text-review feature and it simply sends us to the quote page, not a review page?


Sorry it’s not clear, but you have to turn on the review page in Pages/Templates.

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