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InflatableOffice V2 Released

IO S. shared this announcement 15 years ago

The InflatableOffice team is proud to announce the release of version 2. It has been completely redesigned from the ground up, taking into account all of the feedback received from the first release. It is very feature rich and flexible to meet the needs of as many companies as possible.

We view InflatableOffice as another tool in your arsenal to bring you more sales and higher profits. It is our mission to provide a high quality service that enhances your bottom line. Why? Because then you'll enhance ours. Can you blame us? We have to pay the bills, too. And while mom was right when she said it pays to be nice, it pays even more when you are nice and provide a great service.

While we bring more customers into the InflatableOffice family, we will continue to develop new features. So, please send us your suggestions. We have big plans for version 2. Thanks, and enjoy!

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