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By quizzing your employees on a regular basis, you can educate them in a fun manner. An added bonus is an increased knowledge retention. Regularly quizzing your staff members helps them to better remember and understand what they were taught during a training session and to better assure they are following the correct protocols. Here in your account, you can create trainings/quizzes to test how much attention your employees are paying to the appropriate training materials provided, find out how many employees actually absorbed the information they needed from their latest training session, or see how many employees check to make sure everything stays up to date.

Under Surveys & Training, you can set up training material as well as questionnaires for your workers to answer after the learning material has been reviewed. You will need to use the drop down and click "Add Training/Quiz" and enter the name of the learning material.

When you press "Add Question," it will give you options of what type of question you'd like to chose from.

Display Content Example:

Save this learning material. Next you will want to set up your questions. In order to add multiple answers, select the "Add Choice" button to add as many answers you'd like. The correct answer(s) must be selected in the box or circle. See examples below:

Multiple Choice:

Single Choice:

Once you are done creating your trainings/quiz, you can go to a worker's file and require them to complete this training.

When the worker is logged into the workers site, they will see the required training here:

Here's a few examples of what the workers will see when they go through the training:

If the worker has incorrect answers, they will need to retake the survey.

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