How to use the Recalculate box on a lead

Recalculate Button

The recalculate button (at the bottom-right) is used to determine if you want to overwrite the current lead prices with the default pricing that you set for your rentals, distance, staffing, etc.

When a lead is first created it will use the default prices to calculate the distance, staffing, and rental prices. If you ever want to override these default prices, you can simply edit any of the amounts and save the lead with the recalculate button unchecked.

When you are editing an existing lead and you want the system to recalculate all the prices using the default prices, you must check the recalculate button before hitting update or save. It will then override any manual changes made to the prices for that lead. You will notice that many of the price felds will become disabled when checking recalculate. This shows you what items will be recalculated.

By default, when you create a new lead the recalculate box is checked, and if you are editing an existing lead the recalculate box will be unchecked to prevent you from inadvertantly overwriting changes you’ve made.

If you want the system to recalculate only one of the prices, such as staffing, you can simply clear that box but leave the recalculate box unchecked. Now the system will keep the values you have in all the other price boxes, but it will recalculate the price for just the cleared box. Since any price change will affect the subtotal, tax and total, those items will also be recalculated automatically.

The staff price box is empty and recalculate is unchecked, so staff costs will get recalculated, but everything else (except the subtotal, tax, and total) will stay the same.

Note that the Discounts box will never get “recalculated” if a value is in it. You will always have to manually clear that box if you want to remove a discount you’ve added to the lead.

Details about staffing, distance calculation, taxes, promotions, specials, and coupons are discussed elsewhere.

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