Rental Inventory - Child Items

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Child items are used when you want to have the same item displayed twice on the quote page, but have its availability tracked as if it is the same item. For example you can have a Slide displayed as both a Wet Slide and a Dry Slide. This will allow you to set different prices and/or categories for the same item.

Note: Child items should always have the same value in Quantity unless you’re using Structure.

Structure is field that shows up after you have a child item created. It is used when you can rent two or more pieces together to create a new item (see below).

Track availability of parts of your large rentals (using Structure)

If you have a rental item that you can rent out in pieces, such as a large obstacle course that has 2 or more pieces, InflatableOffice will appropriately handle the availability of all parts.

For example, say you have a 20 ft. obstacle course and a slide. The customer can rent them together or each one separately, and the availability will be handled correctly.

To implement this, first add all your pieces into the system (as children). Next, you'll set the structure field in the following manner:

- Each individual piece should be assigned a letter and quantity.

- The items that are combinations of other pieces should be assigned a structure such as: A,B,C where the letters represent the pieces that make up the combination. Quantity is calculated by InflatableOffice according to the quantities of each individual piece.

Combination of two pieces. Notice the Structure

The slide and the 20ft OC are the pieces. Pieces of the Structure are set as single letters.

The most important rule to remember with structured items: The Parent must be made up of all the individual Child pieces.

You could have a parent A,B,C,D with all those corresponding children. There could also be children in that scenario with structures A,C and alike; and even items with a structure A,A,C (takes 2 "A" pieces and a C to make it).

You can enter a quantity for the Child items with one letter in their structure. The quantities for items with more to their structure are actually calculated by the software after that, not entered by you.

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