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Ryan J. shared this question 16 days ago

I'm trying to figure out how to change the colors on my WordPress site. This would be the background colors footer headers main body of age. I did this on a template before you can't seem to find the settings in multiple templates that I've looked at and I o. I thought they were usually under appearance settings but I don't see it there

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You have to make the changes in Elementor.

Steps to select GLOBAL Colors:

Navigate to Wordpress.

Choose a page that is edited by elementor. Doesn't matter which one

Click Edit in elementor

Click Hamburger Menu at top left corner

Select Site Settings

Global Colors

Select Page background

Select the page you want to edit

Select edit in Elementor

gear icon in lower left corner

Select style tab

To edit the footer

once editing a page, scroll to the footer and click the yellow tab that encapsulates the footer and says "Edit Footer"

Change the color of the container background.


Thank you so much for the detail response. I will follow the steps


may not be exact but pretty close. There's so many places to do instead of just one place.


Hi Ryan,

We also have an article here with a video on how to make some changes, too!

Let us know if you need any assistance with changing your colors and we will be glad to help.

Thank you.


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