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It just hit me... I would LOVE to be able to sell branded swag on my website! "I had my birthday with *company_name* and it was awesome!" T-shirts, hats, etc.

P.S. - This would most likely manifest in the form of a generic "item for sale" page. Imagine being able to list used inventory, swag, patch kits, flavor bundles, etc...... Can this be a thing?

P.P.S. - I know I could just list stuff with a dedicated "for sale" delivery option... but the added functionality of configurations (shirt size & color for example) would be sweet.


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I'm pretty confident you can sell product on IO. I'm not 100% on how to set it up. But I"m selling some of my stuff this fall. Maybe I'll figure it out.


I think this has to do with adding a "Manufacturer Item" I know there's a purchase page in the Pages/Templates that's used for selling product.


I thought I had it but I don't think it's exactly what you're asking.

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