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Ashley C. shared this question 2 months ago
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I'm wondering if there is a way for us to link a certain coupon to certain reoccurring customers. Meaning that every time this customer is put in a new lead, they system automatically applies a coupon/discount to that lead.

In other words, customer X always gets 20% off their rental order from now until forever. Is there a way to put that info into their customer profile in iO so that the discount gets applied every time automatically for rentals made by customer X?

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I'm very sorry but at this time there is not a way to do this, this could possibly be a feature in the future.


Because the software matches online booking profiles horribly (always creates a new one instead of finding an existing) it doesn't work well. BUT if you want a way for it to happen when YOU input the order:

-Create an optional field check box and name it something specific to that customer or type.

-crrate a promo that is applied when that optional field is checked and save.

-check that optional field in that customers profile.

Now when you create their ticket, you can select them in the customer field area and that checkbox will apply discount. Again this only works if YOU create the ticket. It will not work so well when they book online.


I really wish the system had a way to give recurring customers discounts automatically!

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