Delivery/Routing - Packing Lists

There are a couple of different ways you can access your Packing Lists. There are also two types of packing lists: The standard one is for viewing the packing list for one event, and the Vehicle Packing List will group multiple events together into one, grouped by scheduled vehicle. The events must be scheduled using the delivery tool first.

Print Packing Lists through Delivery Planner

The most common is through the Delivery Planner. Once you set up your Delivery Route and are ready to print...Press the print routes button and choose which items you would like to print:

Print multiple Packing Lists from Leads Page

Another way would be to print up directly from the leads page. Select the leads that you want to print and click the print button. This will bring up a new window window to choose what you want to print from the "select documents" button. 


Print a Lead packing list

To print a leads packing list, click the lead and then click print button. Use this button to view and print a packing list for this lead only.

Create the packing lists for each item

You can create a list of packing list items that go with each rental item. For example, you may want to specify the number of sandbags or stakes to bring with a Bounce House. When editing an item, click the Packing List in order to set the packing list for that item. You can even specify a different packing list depending on the surface type, that way you can bring stakes if the event is on grass and sandbags if not.

Customize a packing list

Under Settings --> Packing Lists Templates you can edit the information listed on your lists. Please contact us if you need help with this. If you need access to modify the Vehicle Packing List, you may need to contact us.

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