Worker acceptance on worker page/calendar

Dan Lins shared this idea 15 months ago
Under Consideration

When we assign a worker to an assignment, they get an email asking them to accept or decline the shift. But many of our workers don't check their email often (frustrating for us, of course, but that's the way it is). Would be nice if there was an option to accept or decline the shift in the workers page/calendar as well. Any way to make that happen?

Another option would be a way to manually update worker status. If a worker texts or calls me and says they CAN do an event, it would be nice if I could simply go into the lead and update the worker status manually.

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We have some similar ideas already in our product development system, but I updated it to include these specifically. In the meantime, if you need to "manually" have a member of management change the shift to "accepted" or "declined", they could go into the Log tab of the lead, open the email that was sent to the worker and click the link in the email to accept/decline the shift.