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I am trying to get better at documenting maintenance but I find the help directions confusing.

I do not see the example that the help refers to to bring an item back into service. We recently sent our Tropical Torpedo pool drop and slip n slide back for repair. It is listed out of service. When I attempt to follow directions to bring it back I am linked to pages not like the one in directions. I don't know how to make these 3 pieces available again, and although they are available as of today, why does the future availability still show them in red as unavailable. Also, how can I place in the record the cost of the repair to help with the ROI calculations regarding this piece?

I would like our history of cleaning and repair to provide better information as to the time spent maintaining our inventory. We are spending time cleaning and sanitizing, especially water attractions. How can we do a better job documenting that cost?

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As far as checking it back in, we did change the interface a bit. You just need to click the green checkmark next to that item that's currently "out" in Settings->Maintenance.


In order to log the cost, this is in a different area. In Each rental item (in the inventory), There is a Log area of it's settings. When you aren't editing, it shows a list of all the changes that have been made to that rental item. When you click the Edit button, you can enter "costs" as items to log expenses.

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