Delivery charge being taxed

Matthew I. shared this problem 3 years ago
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We're noticing that some orders are getting the delivery charge taxed and some are not.

We have IO set to NOT tax delivery charge. The following order numbers are examples of this happening. It's not happening on all orders, just some.

Examples: 3060793, 3241583, 3213691, 3093421

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Looks like your settings are correct. The only way those should be able to be listed as taxed is if you click the link "untaxed" next to them. It will then switch it. Is it possible someone did that? Otherwise, I can't seem to get it to do it incorrectly. It's possible we had a bug that is now fixed. I notice that most of those you listed the customer created from your site. I know we fixed a bug with delivery fees on customer created leads. Let us know if you see any more new leads doing this. Thanks.

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