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Check Availability Tool - Broken:(

Richard J. shared this question 4 years ago

Our Check Availability Tool seems to have stopped showing accurate availability for parent/child items.

Any obstacle course whether parent OR child shows available even when booked out. All other single items seem to work ok and show unavailable when booked.


Lead 3562695 shows available on 28/07 (child item)

Lead 3577537 shows available on 28/07 (child item)

Lead 3767437 shows available on 12/08 (parent item)

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I tried creating a lead for 28/07 and it's showing the child items and parent item book as it should. One event on the 28th is booking section A and the other is booking section B so that isn't a conflict. The event on 12/08 has no conflicts either as far as I can see. If I'm not missing anything I'd say your availability tool seems to be working fine. If you have a better example of this function not working feel free to let us know and I'll be happy to help solve it.


Sorry...front end, not back end.

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