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Wendy L. shared this problem 3 years ago

Several months ago, I edited the Category shortcode for our site to have larger images, but I'm fairly certainI left everything else in the shortcode the same. This week, we've noticed that our Category pages were no longer four images/links across going down the page. Instead, it was one long column of images/links going down the lefthand side of the page (bulleted). I deleted the shortcode then deactivated and reactivated the IO Plugin in Wordpress, and it made the hyperlinked images smaller, kept the bullets, and kept everything justified to the left. Any suggestion on how I can go back to that grid look that our Category pages had originally? I didn't save a copy of the category shortcode since all I did was change the image width from 125px to 250px previously.

This is what I'm seeing right now:

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I figure that y'all won't get to this in the morning, but I did figure out the html to format the category page how I wanted (and saved it separately on my computer for future reference :) ). However, just curious if something was updated in the IO Shortcode that would have initially caused this reformatting during a sync to Wordpress maybe?


The io_category shortcode template isn't supposed to have the UL tags in it. It's repeated for each category element on the page so it's supposed to just be:

<li><a href="%%link%%"><div><img src="%%image%%" alt="%%rental_name%%" title="%%rental_name%%" /></div>%%rental_name%%</a></li>

The actual category page is then supposed to have <ul class="io_cat"> then all the shortcodes and </ul> at the end. Probably what happened was the category page is edited in wordpress and the ul tags got stripped out. This can happen if the wordpress editor tab is on 'visual' and you edit a category page.

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