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Matthew I. shared this question 2 years ago
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I'm hoping someone can help us trigger some automatic status updates on our leads now that we have a few custom statuses we are utilizing. We're hoping for the following...

All leads will begin as quotes (as they already do).

1) When we switch over to the contract tab and email the customer their contract, we would like it to automatically update from quote status to contract status.

2) When the customer puts down a deposit, we would like the lead to then automatically update to the "deposit placed" status.

3) When the customer pays the full balance AND signs their contract, it should be automatically updated to confirmed status.

If someone could help me with these I would greatly appreciate it. I tried to get it to work this way inside the status section under settings but it's not automatically changing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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When I look at your statuses it does look like you have them set up. Could you give me an example when the status should have upgrade automatically for you and it didn't? I can take a look and see why it didn't get triggered. Thanks!


We have had a couple instances where we have set up a contract for someone, but left it on the "quote" status, and when we send the contract email, it hasn't automatically switched to a contract. But, it still has happened a couple times and we are wondering if you can pinpoint maybe why this has failed those few times. I don't think we've run into any issues with automatically switching to the deposit placed or confirmed statuses.

We also have had a lot of issues where a lead is already set to the "contract" or "deposit placed" status and when we try to send a contract, we get an error pop up message saying "This lead is in a non-contracted status. Upgrade it and send contract?"

It doesn't make sense that we're getting this message, because like I said the lead is already a contract.


Can you provide a few specific lead ID numbers that we can review to see what might have happened?

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