Allow IO users to create their own variables for inclusion in emails

Bill G. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Some us have dozens of emails - it would be nice to be able to create and store some text strings as variables to be able to leave in our emails, but simply change the variables values. Example: %current_promotion% - we could store our promotion in one place and edit or even leave empty - like "<p>Book and pay your deposit by March 1st, and receive free screen upgrade</p>" Leaving it blank would not do any harm, and you could change your promo content in one location.

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I'll make a note of it. FYI, you can use this following search to find a browser extension that will probably do that for you.


Yes - that would help if i wanted to go to every email that included the blurb. I was looking for a single place to be able to edit the value, and any email/quote page/contract/etc that had that variable would use the new value next time it was used. I would not need to open each one or even remember exactly where I had used it before. I guess just a place to store location specific variable data.

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