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Greg H. shared this idea 19 months ago

When using the tags is there a way IO could change that to a drop down option so we can preset the tags so to cut down on the confusion as to what the tags are?

I know it saves them but if they start typing the info wrong, then its gonna create a new tag name.. Just trying to cut down on misinformation

if using filters and someone types a tag in but spells it wrong or lets say the tag should be Phone Call and they just us Call, the filtering system wouldnt work..

just a thought

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I would LOVE this too. Where it's at is significantly better but a dropdown would be awesome too. And maybe a way to merge similar tags. I.e. I have about 100 tags called review requested. I'd like those to all be one.


Or maybe 5 or 10 common tags as a check box and then the others you can write in

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