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I built a report similar to one that was presented in your demo video. I then exported the numbers and started to prepare my report so the I could file my taxes. However, I have experience two problems:

Problem 1. I noticed that when I total the number in the taxable, nontaxable and the sales tax columns, I sometimes get a different number than what the payment amount was. I cannot use these numbers for my taxes because of the discrepancy (the the online form that the state makes me use makes me enter the total sales and then the exempt sales and uses this number to calculate a taxable sales number, which does NOT match what IO says the nontaxable should be). I was trying to track down why the numbers were off (I think it has something to due with tips and other fees that aren't represented in either the taxable or nontaxable column - how can that be?), when I ran into the next problem which has basically stopped all progress. Once you are able to resolve the Problem #2, can you please help me understand where I can get all of the numbers that I will need to create this report and have all of the numbers balance?

2. While I was trying to track down the discrepancy in question 1 I noticed a much bigger error that I am not sure how to correct. If you go to the Leads page and run the Sales Tax Report, the 4th person on the list is Cammalee Giles. It states that her payment was for $1985.40 and that she paid $125.80 in sales tax. Except that this is wrong. Of you click on the order and open it you find that her order was for only $496.35 and the sales tax was only $31.45. Why in the world would the report show a number that is almost 4X the actual amount?

Thanks for your help.

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You have some variables/columns in the report that don't work together. I created a basic sales report and called it "New Tax". Try this and see if it works better for you.


I like the report, but it doesn't have all of the information I need. Maybe you could help be adjust it? I need to have a report that helps me calculate the sales tax due for the state. They want the following numbers:

Total Sales: The payment received, less sales tax. It should equal the total of Tax Exempt Sales and Taxable Sales

Tax Exempt sales: This is the total of all of the tax exempt payments

Taxable Sales: This is a total of all of the taxable sales, less sales tax

Sales Tax Rate: the sales tax rate

Sales Tax: the amount of sales tax collected, it should equal the Sales tax rate times the Taxable sales

Total payment: this should equal the Total Sales plus the Sales Tax

Can you please help me figure out this report?


What does the change is status to known mean?


I've added some columns to the report. Let's see if it works for you...we may have variables in there that don't work together again.

Where do you see "change is status to known"?

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