Issues with IO_quoteform

Cecil P. shared this problem 27 days ago

When booking through the book now button (IO_quoteform) it is not showing item that are unavailable as unavailable and it's allowing double bookings.

This page is also not following my rules for event start time (12pm) and default event duration (11).

This page also sometimes displays start and end times when I don't want them to display, I want them to just go to my default setting.

Where do I edit the settings of the IO_quoteform

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We need examples of items that are not available and showing that they are? We also fixed it so that the times show as 12pm to 11pm on the quote form no other times should show.


Thanks! Fixing the time issue seems to have fixed the double booking issue! Is the IO_quote form something I can tinker with on my end?

Thanks again for the help Jen. I know I've had a lot of issues lately. lol


Hi Cecil! It looks like everything was fixed. To edit the quote page you go to Settings-->Pages & Templates then select quote form. If you have anymore issues please reach out.

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